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About Maslak Health Group

Founded in early 2023 with the initiative of health professionals who have worked successfully at every level of the sector for many years, Maslak Health Group continues its activities with the basic principle and mission of “Your health is entrusted to us” in 2 different locations in Istanbul, on an area of 1,800 m2, 7 floors, 2 service floors, with a total of 15 inpatient rooms.

Maslak Health Group provides services with a multidisciplinary approach and boutique service approach in each of the Internal Diseases, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Otorhinolaryngology, Psychologist, Dietician and Emergency Service branches with its specialist physicians, experienced medical staff and world-class technological equipment.

Maslak Health Group, which makes a difference with the central location of its hospital locations, aims to ensure that patients continue their lives in a quality manner with the basic principles it adopts, its scientific and patient-oriented approach that constantly updates itself.

Maslak Health Group, which has made a name for itself with the physicians working within its body and the successes it has achieved in special cases, also makes a difference in the international arena with its successfully completed treatment processes.

Maslak Health Group, which has a well-equipped medical team that follows the medical developments in the world closely and on-site, has adopted a boutique approach and in this direction, it provides 24/7 VIP service to all patients and is positioned as a reference centre with privileges.


Our doctors working in Maslak Health Group stand out with their long years of experience and expertise in their fields. Each of the doctors of Maslak Health Group, who work with great devotion in order to provide the best health service to our patients, are successful and reliable names in their fields.

All our doctors and medical team in our expert staff have come together to provide the best treatment and care to our patients. Our physicians, who create customised treatment plans according to the individual needs of each patient, aim to protect the health of our patients at the highest level.


We constantly follow technological developments in order to offer the best and most up-to-date treatment options to our patients. Our technological infrastructure is equipped with world-class devices and equipment.

The devices and equipment used in Maslak Healthcare Group have the latest technology and are designed to solve the health problems of our patients in the most effective way. In this way, we offer our patients a faster, more accurate and more reliable diagnosis and treatment process. In addition, thanks to our technological infrastructure, we ensure that our patients spend their treatment processes in a more comfortable and comfortable way.

Another important feature of our technological infrastructure is the speed and efficiency in data sharing and communication. The systems and software used at Maslak Health Group ensure that our patients’ information is stored securely and our doctors can easily access the data.


As Maslak Health Group, we offer advanced treatment options and innovative methods to our patients. We work together with our specialised doctors and medical team to create the most appropriate treatment plan for you, using the most effective and up-to-date treatment methods for your health problems.

In our group hospitals, we constantly follow and apply innovative treatment methods. We aim to offer the latest treatment options to our patients by closely following the advances in technology and medicine. Advanced treatment options include various methods such as surgical interventions, drug therapies, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, radiotherapy.


At Maslak Health Group, we attach great importance to patient satisfaction. We take a specialised approach to understand the individual needs of each of our patients and offer them the most effective treatment plan. Our patient-centredness starts with taking the time to understand our patients’ health problems and treating them in the best way possible.

Every patient’s story is important to us. Our specialised doctors carefully evaluate our patients’ health history, symptoms and personal preferences. Using this information, we create a customised treatment plan for each patient. Our treatment plans are designed in accordance with the needs and goals of our patients.

Our patient-centred approach encourages our patients to play an active role in the treatment process. We use clear and understandable communication to keep them informed and involved in the decision-making process. By ensuring that our patients are fully informed about their treatment options, we help them choose the most appropriate one for them.


Maslak Health Group attaches great importance to patient communication. We adopt various principles and practices to ensure patient satisfaction and meet the needs of our patients in the best way possible.

For us, patient communication is not only the transfer of information, but also a process full of empathy, understanding and respect. Understanding the concerns of our patients and reassuring them is an important factor in the success of the treatment process.

As Maslak Health Group, we respect patient rights. We attach great importance to patient privacy and confidentiality. We keep the personal information of all our patients confidential and do not share it. We also guarantee that our patients have the right to make decisions during the treatment process and that these rights will be respected.

We have a team specialised in patient communication. Our experienced doctors and medical staff have the necessary skills to communicate effectively with our patients. We are always ready to answer our patients’ questions, address their concerns and provide detailed information about the treatment process.

At Maslak Health Group, patient communication is an integral part of the treatment process. We endeavour to make our patients feel comfortable and establish a trustworthy relationship with them. In order to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level, we constantly evaluate feedback and strive to improve our service quality.


As Maslak Health Group, we offer an advanced online appointment system for our patients to make an appointment easily and quickly.

The online appointment system can be used quickly and practically thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can create your appointment request in just a few steps and make your appointment on the date and time interval you want.

Our system also shows you the doctors and specialities that are available to you, so you can book an appointment with the most suitable specialist for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Maslak Health Group, we offer a variety of services. These include general health check-ups, diagnostic and treatment services, surgical interventions, laboratory tests and imaging methods. We also offer supportive services such as dietary counselling and psychological counselling.

There are many different specialities in Maslak Health Group. These include Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, General Surgery, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Otorhinolaryngology, Psychologist, Dietician and Emergency Service. Our specialist doctors are experienced in each speciality and have a good command of current treatment methods.

Maslak Health Group is equipped with the latest technology devices and equipment. There are advanced imaging systems, laboratory analysis devices and high-tech devices used for treatment purposes. In this way, the most accurate diagnosis can be made and effective treatment methods can be applied to our patients.

You can make an appointment online at Maslak Health Group. You can easily make an appointment through our website. The online appointment system is fast, practical and secure. You can visit our website or contact us by phone to make an appointment.

Located in central locations in Istanbul, Maslak Health Group is very easy to reach. You can reach our address from our website or contact information, as well as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Yandex Maps. You can also reach our centres by public transport. If you need directions, the reception of our hospitals will be happy to help you.



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